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    Our company has been the leading supplier of

    high-quality bottled spring water since 1950.

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    We provide spring water that positively influences

    your health and is safe to drink.


Depth of well

Water Purified by Nature and Delivered with Love

Our pristine water flows from the Penobscot Ridge Mountains. The bountiful “stream” is the wellspring that constantly provides fresh, clean water to our well located just a few steps away from our plant.

Protection from Bacteria


Though spring water is naturally clean, we try our best to make sure that our water is bacteria-free at all production stages.

No Contaminants


We control the production process of our water to make sure you receive the best product from the company, which you can trust.

Automated Bottling Lines


The process of bottling the spring water at our plant is fully automatized. However, we always control it to ensure the high quality.

From an Artesian Well to Home and Office

For more than 60 years, we have been supplying the American homes and offices with high-quality spring water from a pristine stream near our plant.

Our Products



Enjoy your favorite spring water in the most popular shape! This water is great to share and drink at any weather and is a reasonable offer for any budget.



Perfect sparkling water for single- or multi-serve convenience for home, restaurant or upscale retail stores. We are sure you will love its energizing effect.



Need a greater amount of our spring water at an affordable price? Then Water’s 500 ml spring water is your #1 fit. Available at all major department stores.



Wherever it is served, our Spring Water is the finest pairing for any dish. Our spring’s unique blend of minerals provides a remarkably refreshing taste.

We Work to Offer the Best Customer Service

Online Ordering


Our online store is always open to customers who prefer to drink quality spring water. You can also order Water products via our partners’ websites.

Free Delivery


If your order more than 6 bottles of our water we will deliver it to your home or office for free. This offer applies only to online orders placed till 8 PM.

Friendly Managers


Our team of friendly managers is always ready to help you choose and order the best sparkling or spring water. Feel free to contact us for more information.